1. How does it work?
This generator uses around 85,000 English words and symbols, combines them in every possible manner or even "welds" them together to form a new word.

2. Is it safe?
Well, there is no such thing as a safe password - there are easily guessed passwords and passwords that take a little bit longer to guess.
Let's say that this generator gives you something between your dog's name and 9 or more random characters containing password (like: eo2vt59xm).
For comparison, password with 8 random lower case characters and numbers has  
3 512 479 453 921 different combinations (like : bo6md6cl), while this generator can produce
3 522 439 660 320 different combinations. So somewhat compatible.
Point here is, that if someone evil-minded is able to attack your system or file with "brute-force" (computer checks all possible values until the correct value is found) it is only a matter of time when he/she will succeed. And as computers get faster every day the time to find the right value decreases.

3. Do I have to use those symbols and numbers in my passwords?
Simple answer would be - "you should". Because this generator makes passwords out of words, and most so called password recovery programs that use "brute-force" check plain English words first and only then go to alphabetical/numerical value checking. So extra # or ! won't make your password "bulletproof", but may buy you some time.

4. This passwords makes no sense!
That is great! The less sense password makes, the better. When in the progress of picking your password, try to pick a memorable one, but don't pick words that are compatible with you or your lifestyle (for example if you play football avoid word-pairs like "ball", "football", "field" etc).

5. Responsibility.
Password generator should be used "as it is". Owner of this site or developer of generator holds no responsibility for any harm that may occur while using this generator.